All Your Towing Needs

Welcome to Mikes Pow-R-Tow! Specializing in All Your Towing Needs!

Welcome to Mikes Pow-R-Tow! Specializing in All Your Towing Needs!

All Your Towing Needs
Providing our community with discounted towing rates, we've service Mohave County for over 30 years!
Emergency Roadside Assistance
We've been a trusted AAA provider for over 25 years!
Heavy Duty Towing
30+ years of professional heavy equipment recovery/ towing in the most laborious of situations.


Our Services

Tire Changes Jump Starts Lock Outs AAA Battery ServiceLight Duty TowingWheel Lift Towing Medium Duty Towing Heavy Duty Towing 4X4 Recovery Lowboy Towing Rotator equipment Secure Police Impounding

Mike's Pow-R-Tow has happily been serving Kingman and their surrounding areas for over 30 years! We work side by side with local law enforcement, AAA, and many other road clubs to keep our area safe. We love our community and can't thank them and our team of hard working, trained tow truck operating professionals enough! We look forward to growing with our community for another 30+ years!

  • Safety Focused
  • Customer & Community Focused
  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Discounted Rates
  • Fast Professional Service
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Over 30 Years Experience! Experience! Experience!

VersaMAXX Lowboy Trailer
The VersaMAXX™ trailer features a 100,000 lb capacity and an adjustable hydraulic removable gooseneck (HRG), along with two 20,000 lb capacity winches with wireless remotes that make single-operator loading possible. This trailer is designed to meet the demands of low approach angles in loading and to provide a low deck height to accommodate taller vehicles.
Peterbuilt 567 equipped with a Century® 1140 is a 40-ton rotator that is designed with rigorous standards for tough recovery jobs. The 1140's weight-conscious features make it ideal for both recovery and everyday towing. The 1140 comes standard with dual 35,000 lb. planetary winches and a fabricated 3-stage recovery boom.
Heavy Duty
Peterbuilt 389 equipped with Century 5230, 128” of underlift reach it has the ability to tow most vehicles without going to larger and heavier towing units. The 5230 also provides dual 25,000 lb.-rated recovery winches for your recovery and lifting applications.
Medium Duty
International equipped with a Vulcan V-30. This versatile medium duty model is ideally suited to handle a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars, medium duty trucks, city tractors, and motor homes in both towing and recovery applications.

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